Saturday, April 15, 2006

2006 Edwin D. Viñas Business and Technology Ideas

I really like thinking of new ideas! Whenever something new pops in my mind, I just jot i down thru my cellphone's notepad. These are what I have noted so far:

  • Home2Home Multilevel Marketing
    • This is a direct and cust0mized h0me/ofice/pers0nal products and services utilizing referals and rewards which targets every home as a member of MLM business.
  • Wallmounted Computers
    • I would like to see a computer that fits like a plywood panel which I can easily mount in my room's wall with big flat LCD display and touch screen. Wall-mounted computers will definitely save space for modern homes which values space very much.
    • Right now, there are many type of GUIs for different consumer electronics -- smartphones, PDAs, TVs, computer desktops, etc. Can't we have a standard GUI that can unite all different types of displays? Imagine if you are using a Nokia phone and you switch to Samsung, you'll definitely have to learn the user interface since they are not common. Of if you are using a MAC or Linux, you will surely be confused if you are a user of Windows.
  • Ergonomics
    • Basically, this one suggests that in all technologies that we develop we should think of its ease of use and not much on aesthetic apperances.
  • DocuRouter
    • This is a virtual document collector and routing system. How many project managers find it difficult to collect surveys, forms to be filled-up by many people etc? This software automatically routes a document to all persons in a network just like a messenger. It can't proceed or skip. It makes sure that a person gets reminded of an important document which needs to be accomplished.
  • Data Transfer LAN Server
    • If you want to transfer via bluetooth, u need a bluetooth dongle in ur PC. If you want to send via infrared, you need to find a machine with infrared transceiver in it. Do we have a custom server which contains usb ports, bluetooth, infrared, sms, WiFi, etc? So that all the mobile devices can easily upload/download.
  • A Cellph0ne with IP Address
    • Imagine a cellphone with IP Address? Imagine a cellphone that you can program as web server? Now, that is truly a mobile technology! I want to have a cellphone which I can connect to my LAN with TCP/IP addresing capability so that I can make use of my home's internet connection skipping GPRS. Or I can publish a website where users can access directly from my phone!
  • www.ihavitwatsurs.c0m
    • It focuses on individuals "wat i hav's" so that every0ne can appreciate it each other's personal stuffs. For example, users can view other users clothes, gadgets, skills, businesses, etc. Then, users can trade or communicate with those people who have what they want.
    • A network of servers for filipin0 barangays. Imagine all Philippine barangays having their own network servers so that can share information or offer services not only to its constituents but to all other barangays.
  • www.lostnfound.c0m
    • Finding d pers0n has nvr bin dat easy! Post an0nym0us, meet s0on! It's like an anonymous billboard where anyone who wants to find someone can post here.
  • Java Philippine Websites Mapping
    • This is mapping all Philippine websites, where they are located and how many users they have.
  • Free Java Friendster Mapping
    • Listing your 450 or 1000 friends in friendster makes it very difficult as you need to click next and next and next pages just to see who your friends are. Map them visually with names and pictures!
  • Misnet (Mobile Information Sharing Network)
    • All cellphone users can sign-up to be able to upload/download data to/from mobile devices. Also can be used for mobile trading and mobile online store.
  • Freefm-unix Radi0
    • Putting up a radio Station is still one of the most difficult business. Can we have a computer that has all the needed electronics of an AM/FM station. We just need to plug its output to an amplifier and transmitter. This way, we can have an AM/FM that is controlled by remote users via web interface.
  • Wisoy WAP
    • It's easy! Just configure an apache web server and now you can provide WAP access to mobile phones!
  • Where is my data? Dynamic and direct info system
    • This makes sure that all your data are catalogued just like a library.
  • Sketch N0tebook and Sell s0meday
    • Remember Leonardo da Vinci who sketched the helicopter, or amazed us with his Da Vinci codes! Your ideas at the present may be valuable in the future and if they are a big collection, you can sell it.
  • Control House Apliances via Ph0ne
    • Close the gate, turn on the lights, monitor the CCTV via phone!
  • Blueh0me
    • Automated home wireless network which interconnects refrigerator, cellphones, TVS, radio, internet etc. When used with wall mounted computers, what a high-tech house you will have!
  • High-tech online authentication System
    • authenticati0n system via voice, video, card reader. applicable for corporate security applicati0ns.


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