Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wanna wear WiFi Sniffing T-shirts or Shirts that Glows in the Dark??

Yes, my friends, I am asking you now if you would like to wear a T-shirt that shows you if you are in a WiFi hotspot so you can open your laptop or would you like to wear a T-shirt that glows in the dark and displays an image or even your name? The old technology of printing still images on a t-shirt will soon be over... here comes the new technology on clothing -- integrating electronics in our clothes to help us not only look better but also live easier! To help you understand what I mean, read on...

1) Philips' Lumalive T-Shirts
When I first saw the Youtube video about Philip's Lumalive technology, I was so amazed! Imagine a T-shirt that can show advertisements, show graphics or any message to other people? The technology will soon come to the consumer market and it will surely change the fashion industry.  The Lumalive technology is a technology that integrates electronic light emitting diodes (LEDs) to the  flexible surface changing fabrics.  But unlike the current LEDs, the Philip's LED technology consists of flexible array of LEDs which can be sewn to a fabric without changing it's texture and comfortability.  The initial users of the said technology are promotional advertising industry which will target the billions of people to carry advertisements rigt in the front of the people on the malls, on the streets or in the parties! Cool!

2) WiFi & Bluetooth Detecting T-Shirts
While surfing the net, I came across a website that sells a T-shirt which dynamically detects a WiFi signal and displays it to inform the wearer that he can open the laptop b/c WiFi is available. That saves time! Instead of opening your laptop to check the "available wireless networks", you can just check your shirt's display if there is a WiFi signal on where you are walking, standing, or eating! I even saw a tutorial that shows you "how to customize a WiFi sniffer" so you could create your own shirt or bag that can detect a WiFi hotspot.


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