Sunday, October 26, 2008

Website for Buying and Selling Ideas

What if while you are riding the train, there's an idea that popped out of your mind and you're thinking it is a very good idea that could even rival Microsoft or Google? Truly, you will be very excited having thought of an idea but I'm sure, after sometime, that idea will just disappear without even sharing to other people.  Now, imagine if we create a website or company that buys or sells ideas? 

As a person with so much thoughts running on my mind everyday, having a website or company in the Philippines to buy or sell ideas will be very beneficial and profitable. As I searched the web, I saw some websites that are really buying and selling ideas. Check out these sites:

1) ITN Idea Trade Network
Idea Trade Network (ITN) is an award-winning one-stop global forum that allows companies and individuals to license, buy or sell ideas, new inventions as well as patents and trademarks. A division of GCCI and a pioneering industry leader, Idea Trade Network's mission is to link the ingenuity of innovators with investors, manufacturers as well as idea commercialization firmswho have the expertise and resources to market new ideas at the worldwide level. Currently, intellectual properties worth over $1.2 billion are for sale on Idea Trade Network.

2) Idea Buyer - New Technology and Product Marketplace was started to help inventors license or sell patents to companies and entrepreneurs around the world looking for new products to commercialize.

3) Idea Connection also offers free posting of Technologies for sale or wanted, Inventions for sale, Funding requests, problems for the Public Good, Mentor matching, and daily updates to its New Inventions, News, Conventions and Contests pages.

4) OpenAd.Net is a global platform for the buying and selling of advertising, design and marketing ideas. It showcases previously unpublished ideas submitted by creatives, and makes those ideas available for licensing and sale to registered Members. Members are mainly companies looking for creative answers to an advertising or marketing problem – an ad campaign for a new product or a fresh approach to company PR, for example.

So, next time an idea pops out of your mind, take note of that and login to any of the websites above. Who knows you can be a millionaire someday?


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