Sunday, October 26, 2008

LastBreath.Com - An Idea for Leaving Your Last Will and Testament Online!

While my mind is in the mood to think of new ideas, I suddenly thought of a project called "LastBreath.Com" -- an company that offers a service for people who would want to leave their last will and testament online and be able to surprise their loved ones when they die! Sounds scary but the truth is, when we die, it's better to inform our loved ones about our last wishes whether it be giving 50% of your wealth to charity, sending your family a compiled CD containing your pictures or diaries, etc. More details about this idea are discussed below.

I am living right now -- doing good, saving money, generating treasures for me and my family. I don't want to create my last will of testament and have it stored by someone, I want to leave my legacies and wealth to the right person at a time of death. I want to send a diary, a book, a picture album or a blog book to those whom I will leave behind. I want those to be done by a reputable company backed up by lawyers and the laws of the country.

Customer Significance:
-=> Customer avails of unique service which will only happen at the end of his life or at any time after his death. Example, send a CD of his life's diary, last will of testament, or a gift to the loved ones.
-=> Customer avails by signing a contract which costs depending on the type of services to be done.

-=> In a friendster-like interface, allow people to sign-up anonymously and have them decide what services they want to accomplish at the time of their death. Free services are available but there are commercial services such as personalized life book w/ pics, diaries, etc. 

Life Agents - they deal directly w/ customers
Lawyers - they are the ones who puts legalities on the services
Death Agents - electronic system monitoring the persons life through an unmonitored method
Investigators - they are police/crime investigators who determines the validity of death reports

Holographic Lastwill of Testament
Audio/Video Afterdeath Message
SaveForThem Financial Services
myCD Data Storage
myUSB Data Storage
Encrypted Confidential Storage


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