Sunday, October 26, 2008

Patentable - eTray - Real-time Escalation Router & Info Collector

Large corporations with thousands of employees scattered globally are being faced with the challenge of faster and efficient escalation process -- what I mean here is the speed of escalating issues and having them resolved in just a matter of seconds without standing from your desk. For example, if you need your boss to approve something, how would you do this faster if in case your boss is located on another country? I'm sure you can do this via email. But, emails are slower. What if we have a system that is faster than email? A system that will pop-up a window in your boss' desktop saying "Boss, please review/approve my request...". Then, your boss clicks an "Approve" button and so the issue has been resolved at an instant! Yes, the world is getting faster through instant technologies like SMS, instant messaging etc. More details about this idea is described below.

On large offices where escalation needs to be followed it's so easy to bypass the step-by-step escalation/persons.Example, I need to ask about an isssue but since I don't want to stand and roam around asking my peers on the other department, I'll just shoot directly to the topmost contact/escalation person. What if we have a system, which behaves as fast as a chat dialog and as efficient as a routing envelope to get all this escalations done?

1.1 User: Origin of Issue: Person 1 at IP add opens a small iTray in the Window's taskbar, inputs the issue and clicks send.
User can also select routing groups: Route1: EscPerson1 --> EscPerson2 --> EscPerson4 --> EscPerson5 --> ReturnTray
Route2: EscPerson1 --> EscPerson3 --> EscPerson5 --> ReturnTray

1.1 System/Software:
The software looks up the routing group (Route2)
The software sends the message to the first EscPerson1 located to IP Add
Software at EscPerson1 receives message and pops-up an "always-on-top" window and asks for the input from the recipient
EscPerson1 clicks "send" 
Software finds EscPerson3 as next stop at IP Add
Software at EscPerson3 receives message and pops-up an "always-on-top" window and asks for the input from the recipient
EscPerson3 click "send"
Software finds EscPerson5 as next stop at IP Add
Software at EscPerson5 receives message and pops-up an "always-on-top" window and asks for the input from the recipient
EscPerson5 click "send"
Since it's the end of the iTray routing, software finds the origin (Person 1) at IP add and sends the collected and organized information w/ details

Patented Methodologies:
- The methodology of systematically collecting and asking for review/info/approval/inputs from several persons faster than email and as real-time as the IM.
- The methodology of escalating issues/information to specific persons using the LAN, Internet hosts and even mobile hosts
- The methodology of collecting information via the system tray software w/c pops-up, asks for info and sends automatically to next destinations.
- The methodology of step-by-step routing of information and escalation procedures w/o physical movement of the user
- The methodoly which can be added to existing IM's by adding new process/function called "Instant Info Collector & Routing System"
- The methology of adding plugins to display monitoring status of applications which are being used by the whole team.


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