Monday, October 27, 2008

Website for Customer Feedbacks using Widgets

As I roam around Quiapo, Manila to canvass on some solar devices and Tiny LEDS to be used in my electronic hobbies, I got caught in a middle of a heavy rain so it took me some time and wet feet to check on all stores amidst many people-- what if we have a website that lists all establishments and products at Raon Electronic Shopping center or let's say a big mall containing user reviews or feedbacks? This will surely help users compare prices and determine the store they can visit before going there and wasting time going to all establishments looking for something! But, I know there have been a lot of websites that are doing website reviews -- what's the cool thing right now is "widgets". This innovation allows you to get a source website and select only the info you need and form a widget-- something you can embed on your website or even in your desktop using Google Sidebar or Yahoo Widgets!

I envision a system that contains a big database of valid user reviews about almost all business establishments. For example, I want to go to a certain coffee shop in Manila, I want to read some user comments about that specific coffee shop based on customers' feedback. Probably I can surf that establishment's website and look for the widget showing the user feedbacks. This will surely help customers bu cutting their time spent in selecting the best store to shop.

An example of a website that allows you to create widgets is

A lot interestings are being developed nowadays! 


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