Monday, March 06, 2006

Tech Idea: Environment-Aware Intelligence in Software Applications

"Oh my, I have forgotten again to upload my XPIMS spreadsheet!", that's my catastrophic reaction while sitting in front of my new LCD monitor at home, thinking on how I could ever forgot to upload my personal management spreadsheet at the office. I use that file as my general personal organizer for my calendar, reminders, notes, logs etc. But, right now, it's not in my server so I have nothing to organize since I can't append to an old copy in my server. But this incident gave me an idea on "Environment-aware" or artificial intelligence based on geography or environment which can be incorporated in software applications. Here is a typical application of this new technology:

For example, my O2 XDAII has a GPS or a location-based services from my mobile wireless provider (i.e., Globe). I then programmed a very simple application called "TrackMe" which runs in my PDA and just keeps track of where I am. In short, my PDA knows where I am and what time is it and contains custom triggers or reminders which can pop up depending on the users location and other environmetal conditions. Given an information of specific location of where I am, I can then use that location/environment data to trigger a reminder! Example, I couldn't have left my personal organizer at the office if my cellphone reminded me when I'm about to leave the 10th Floor of my office like this, "Are you leaving, master Edwin? If yes, I think you need to upload first your XPIMS files at the server. I noticed that it's already 6PM and you're 10 meters far from your desk which gave me an idea that you might be leaving. --TrackMe Assistant". With that instant and automatic triggering of software applications based on a person's location, time and environment; our life would be much easier!