Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Environment Aware Software & Hardware Applications

Laptops that can auto detect neighboring Bluetooth or WiFi enabled devices and can prompt users to communicate w/ them by automatically discovering their services or information... Such capabilities when built-in these devices will provide a very good  type of free communications... However, this can only be done if:

1) Mobile devices including laptops and PDAs have built-in basic communication applications such as bluetooth chat, wifi chat etc similar to NET SEND protocol in DOS which allows user to send a message to the other computers. Today, these basic applications are not present in all types of hardware and rely only on different operating systems or applications to support them. This scenario brings a world of non-standard applications making it difficult to harness the potential of short-range communications via bluetooth or WiFi.

2) Computing devices have basic senses such as sense of sight (now possible with built-in webcams), sense of touch (now possible w/ finger print scanners on some latest laptops),  sense of smell (is it possible now???) etc. When these computing devices can use their electronic senses to determine the environment it's operating on combined with the intelligent and environment-aware software applications, these mobile computing devices will be of more help in giving the users the needed info or functions automatically. Voice recognition will also play a key role in the future software applications eliminating the need for keyboards. Microsoft's new technology called Microsoft Surface is now one of the interesting type of electronic appliances that will come to the market soon. These computers are sensitive to touch but not just touchscreen but it can be a computer installed in your wall or in your office table responding to hand touches instead of mouse pointers.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Website for Customer Feedbacks using Widgets

As I roam around Quiapo, Manila to canvass on some solar devices and Tiny LEDS to be used in my electronic hobbies, I got caught in a middle of a heavy rain so it took me some time and wet feet to check on all stores amidst many people-- what if we have a website that lists all establishments and products at Raon Electronic Shopping center or let's say a big mall containing user reviews or feedbacks? This will surely help users compare prices and determine the store they can visit before going there and wasting time going to all establishments looking for something! But, I know there have been a lot of websites that are doing website reviews -- what's the cool thing right now is "widgets". This innovation allows you to get a source website and select only the info you need and form a widget-- something you can embed on your website or even in your desktop using Google Sidebar or Yahoo Widgets!

I envision a system that contains a big database of valid user reviews about almost all business establishments. For example, I want to go to a certain coffee shop in Manila, I want to read some user comments about that specific coffee shop based on customers' feedback. Probably I can surf that establishment's website and look for the widget showing the user feedbacks. This will surely help customers bu cutting their time spent in selecting the best store to shop.

An example of a website that allows you to create widgets is http://www.widgetbox.com/create/create_widget.jsp

A lot interestings are being developed nowadays! 

Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Solar Skins" : Future of Solar Technology

Today, I visited one of the solar dealers in Manila and I was astonished that there are solar dealers in Manila which started a couple of decades ago but the adaptation of solar applications is very minimal maybe due to the expensive solar devices and the unavailable cheap solar stores. As I think of the future of solar technology, I thought of some futuristic applications of solar called "solar skin".

Imagine having flexible clothes embedded with solar cells which can power your mobile devices or produce airconditioned ventilation on your re-usable clothes? I foresee solar technology, when readily available as cheap devices, can be used as "skin" to certain products similar to plant leaves producing energy from the sun through it's photosynthesis. Integrating solar panels to clothes, car body, house roofs/walls and everything exposed to sunlight will produce energy-independent hardware and software applications thereby lessening our dependence on fossil fuels like gasoline. However, with the current state of solar technology, we have yet to develop solar panels that are  as flexible as clothes so they can be integrated into different applications. What if we find a new way of producing solar cells which really behaves like "molecules" that can bond with other solar cells w/o the need to actually wire them up together into a single line? What I mean is that, imagine a solar cell that is like a puzzle... when you connect a puzzle piece to another piece, it should automatically bond or physically connect with the positive and negative polarities of the other cells forming a single compound of solar panels. 


Patentable - eTray - Real-time Escalation Router & Info Collector

Large corporations with thousands of employees scattered globally are being faced with the challenge of faster and efficient escalation process -- what I mean here is the speed of escalating issues and having them resolved in just a matter of seconds without standing from your desk. For example, if you need your boss to approve something, how would you do this faster if in case your boss is located on another country? I'm sure you can do this via email. But, emails are slower. What if we have a system that is faster than email? A system that will pop-up a window in your boss' desktop saying "Boss, please review/approve my request...". Then, your boss clicks an "Approve" button and so the issue has been resolved at an instant! Yes, the world is getting faster through instant technologies like SMS, instant messaging etc. More details about this idea is described below.

On large offices where escalation needs to be followed it's so easy to bypass the step-by-step escalation/persons.Example, I need to ask about an isssue but since I don't want to stand and roam around asking my peers on the other department, I'll just shoot directly to the topmost contact/escalation person. What if we have a system, which behaves as fast as a chat dialog and as efficient as a routing envelope to get all this escalations done?

1.1 User: Origin of Issue: Person 1 at IP add opens a small iTray in the Window's taskbar, inputs the issue and clicks send.
User can also select routing groups: Route1: EscPerson1 --> EscPerson2 --> EscPerson4 --> EscPerson5 --> ReturnTray
Route2: EscPerson1 --> EscPerson3 --> EscPerson5 --> ReturnTray

1.1 System/Software:
The software looks up the routing group (Route2)
The software sends the message to the first EscPerson1 located to IP Add
Software at EscPerson1 receives message and pops-up an "always-on-top" window and asks for the input from the recipient
EscPerson1 clicks "send" 
Software finds EscPerson3 as next stop at IP Add
Software at EscPerson3 receives message and pops-up an "always-on-top" window and asks for the input from the recipient
EscPerson3 click "send"
Software finds EscPerson5 as next stop at IP Add
Software at EscPerson5 receives message and pops-up an "always-on-top" window and asks for the input from the recipient
EscPerson5 click "send"
Since it's the end of the iTray routing, software finds the origin (Person 1) at IP add and sends the collected and organized information w/ details

Patented Methodologies:
- The methodology of systematically collecting and asking for review/info/approval/inputs from several persons faster than email and as real-time as the IM.
- The methodology of escalating issues/information to specific persons using the LAN, Internet hosts and even mobile hosts
- The methodology of collecting information via the system tray software w/c pops-up, asks for info and sends automatically to next destinations.
- The methodology of step-by-step routing of information and escalation procedures w/o physical movement of the user
- The methodoly which can be added to existing IM's by adding new process/function called "Instant Info Collector & Routing System"
- The methology of adding plugins to display monitoring status of applications which are being used by the whole team.

LastBreath.Com - An Idea for Leaving Your Last Will and Testament Online!

While my mind is in the mood to think of new ideas, I suddenly thought of a project called "LastBreath.Com" -- an company that offers a service for people who would want to leave their last will and testament online and be able to surprise their loved ones when they die! Sounds scary but the truth is, when we die, it's better to inform our loved ones about our last wishes whether it be giving 50% of your wealth to charity, sending your family a compiled CD containing your pictures or diaries, etc. More details about this idea are discussed below.

I am living right now -- doing good, saving money, generating treasures for me and my family. I don't want to create my last will of testament and have it stored by someone, I want to leave my legacies and wealth to the right person at a time of death. I want to send a diary, a book, a picture album or a blog book to those whom I will leave behind. I want those to be done by a reputable company backed up by lawyers and the laws of the country.

Customer Significance:
-=> Customer avails of unique service which will only happen at the end of his life or at any time after his death. Example, send a CD of his life's diary, last will of testament, or a gift to the loved ones.
-=> Customer avails by signing a contract which costs depending on the type of services to be done.

-=> In a friendster-like interface, allow people to sign-up anonymously and have them decide what services they want to accomplish at the time of their death. Free services are available but there are commercial services such as personalized life book w/ pics, diaries, etc. 

Life Agents - they deal directly w/ customers
Lawyers - they are the ones who puts legalities on the services
Death Agents - electronic system monitoring the persons life through an unmonitored method
Investigators - they are police/crime investigators who determines the validity of death reports

Holographic Lastwill of Testament
Audio/Video Afterdeath Message
SaveForThem Financial Services
myCD Data Storage
myUSB Data Storage
Encrypted Confidential Storage

Website for Buying and Selling Ideas

What if while you are riding the train, there's an idea that popped out of your mind and you're thinking it is a very good idea that could even rival Microsoft or Google? Truly, you will be very excited having thought of an idea but I'm sure, after sometime, that idea will just disappear without even sharing to other people.  Now, imagine if we create a website or company that buys or sells ideas? 

As a person with so much thoughts running on my mind everyday, having a website or company in the Philippines to buy or sell ideas will be very beneficial and profitable. As I searched the web, I saw some websites that are really buying and selling ideas. Check out these sites:

1) ITN Idea Trade Network
Idea Trade Network (ITN) is an award-winning one-stop global forum that allows companies and individuals to license, buy or sell ideas, new inventions as well as patents and trademarks. A division of GCCI and a pioneering industry leader, Idea Trade Network's mission is to link the ingenuity of innovators with investors, manufacturers as well as idea commercialization firmswho have the expertise and resources to market new ideas at the worldwide level. Currently, intellectual properties worth over $1.2 billion are for sale on Idea Trade Network.

2) Idea Buyer - New Technology and Product Marketplace
IdeaBuyer.com was started to help inventors license or sell patents to companies and entrepreneurs around the world looking for new products to commercialize.

3) Idea Connection
IdeaConnection.com also offers free posting of Technologies for sale or wanted, Inventions for sale, Funding requests, problems for the Public Good, Mentor matching, and daily updates to its New Inventions, News, Conventions and Contests pages.

4) OpenAd.Net
OpenAd.net is a global platform for the buying and selling of advertising, design and marketing ideas. It showcases previously unpublished ideas submitted by creatives, and makes those ideas available for licensing and sale to registered Members. Members are mainly companies looking for creative answers to an advertising or marketing problem – an ad campaign for a new product or a fresh approach to company PR, for example.

So, next time an idea pops out of your mind, take note of that and login to any of the websites above. Who knows you can be a millionaire someday?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wanna wear WiFi Sniffing T-shirts or Shirts that Glows in the Dark??

Yes, my friends, I am asking you now if you would like to wear a T-shirt that shows you if you are in a WiFi hotspot so you can open your laptop or would you like to wear a T-shirt that glows in the dark and displays an image or even your name? The old technology of printing still images on a t-shirt will soon be over... here comes the new technology on clothing -- integrating electronics in our clothes to help us not only look better but also live easier! To help you understand what I mean, read on...

1) Philips' Lumalive T-Shirts
When I first saw the Youtube video about Philip's Lumalive technology, I was so amazed! Imagine a T-shirt that can show advertisements, show graphics or any message to other people? The technology will soon come to the consumer market and it will surely change the fashion industry.  The Lumalive technology is a technology that integrates electronic light emitting diodes (LEDs) to the  flexible surface changing fabrics.  But unlike the current LEDs, the Philip's LED technology consists of flexible array of LEDs which can be sewn to a fabric without changing it's texture and comfortability.  The initial users of the said technology are promotional advertising industry which will target the billions of people to carry advertisements rigt in the front of the people on the malls, on the streets or in the parties! Cool!

2) WiFi & Bluetooth Detecting T-Shirts
While surfing the net, I came across a website that sells a T-shirt which dynamically detects a WiFi signal and displays it to inform the wearer that he can open the laptop b/c WiFi is available. That saves time! Instead of opening your laptop to check the "available wireless networks", you can just check your shirt's display if there is a WiFi signal on where you are walking, standing, or eating! I even saw a tutorial that shows you "how to customize a WiFi sniffer" so you could create your own shirt or bag that can detect a WiFi hotspot.