Friday, November 07, 2008

Robo Sapiens - Successor of Human Beings

As I realize while thinking of what's happening in our technology landscape, there is a new generation of intellectual beings that will be developed which will be the successor of humans. What's next to homo sapiens? Robo Sapiens? This new breed of intelligent machines will be developed as I can see that the human characteristics are slowly being developed for computers.

What are the human systems now replicated in computer systems?
mouth - speaker (audio)
eyes - webcam (video)
touch - fingerprint & microsoft surface
voice recognition - same terminology
phyical orientation - Iphone's axial detector (Asimo's technology)

What are the human systems not yet replicated in computer systems?
smell - ??? (we can pioneer in this field)
facial recognition - do we have this already?
walk/move - none yet (unless it is a robot)
logical reasoning - ability to use different data to decide
sleeping - ??? (only when turned off)
learning - ??? (only with human intervention)
eating for survival - ??? self-recharging devices on charging stations
human brain - a computer as small as the brain & more powerful

What computer systems not derived from human systems?
-Radio frequency transmission/reception which paved the way to cellphones, radio and TV